Planning my Thailand Trip

Hi 😁

This post is the reason why I decide starting writing this blog and share my Asia Travel, even before it starts.

I like all things very well planed, controlled and decided, but….. I have a lot of problems doing this!


I think when the people think in travel to Thailand, they think in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, etc… well I thought on that too… till I decide to buy this Serial Killer book!

Tap to do the same !! πŸ™‚

So after I bought it, on the first day I tried to search some things on the map, like cities, provinces, and after some time trying one and another and don’t finding anything, I told to Paulo (my travel partner), can we RETURN IT? 😩😩

Well for two days I was completely unable to touch it just thinking…

“but from where I should start??” 🧐

After this two days I got courage to face it! πŸ’ͺ

I grabbed my post its with 4 different colors, a pen, and opened the book on the first page!

My first reaction was of happiness, when I realized that there were some things that didn’t interest…. but sadness when I realized immediately after that it was only two pages!

So, I started by trying to divide the book in some way, which itself has already divided by areas:

  • Bangkok
  • Central Thailand
  • North Thailand
  • Chiang Mai Province,
  • Northeastern Thailand
  • Ko Chand and Eastern SeaBord
  • Hua Hin and Upper Gulf
  • Ko Samui and Lower Gulf
  • Puket and Andaman Coast

I attached a blue post it to split them better.

But this is not enough to pick this book and find whatever I want, so let’s split MORE! (my thought)

So each one of this areas, on the first Page on the left top have “INCLUDES” that sometimes presets city’s, worth places to visit or provinces!

GOT IT! With fluorescent yellow post its, I start splitting.

The problem was when I started underline and make balls around!πŸ˜…

So I made this on all book and there it is the result! πŸ‘‡

So at the end I read all book I understood how Thailand is huge with so many things to visit, so many diversity things to see and to do all around the country.

The problem is I can’t decide, is like I can’t plan, is too many things to decide, it’s very difficult to draw in the map (I try it too) πŸ˜‚ where I’m going to go after and after, or how, or when!!! 😫😫 The DRAMA started….

I have the book easier to use and this can be helpful, but……. this just made myself more worried about… and if I don’t know what I’ll gonna do in Thailand how can I plan something to the other countries that I have in my mind travel after??

This is just my problem, or someone feel the same ??

Same extreme incapacity to plan???

Please speak!! Lift your finger πŸ‘†and help me to don’t feel so lonely 😭


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Hi I'm Sara, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm Portuguese, currently living in Qatar, working as Personal Trainer and exploring the countries around! Wonderlust and Photography lover looking for my life purpose! I will start travelling around Asia at the end of January, you are welcome to follow this journey! :)

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