Follow Me. Solo Travel by Asia

Hi Lovely People.

So I decided yesterday to change the direction before start this Blog!

Soon I will travel around Asia.

First in 19 of January I will go to Portugal to see my family and have finally my Christmas, after I will come back to Doha (where I’m living), and in one day I will fly to Thailand! I will not start alone, the first days I will have my travel partner, but after that I will follow my path alone!

So why I decided share this with you?

Well because maybe I can help someone doing the same, I will not try honestly that is amazing to travel alone always, that everything is always great, that when the people travel never have issues, etc.

Yes I will share with you this good part, but at the same time I will tell you my difficult and how I will overcome them (in case of I overcome them 🙂 ), my plans, my problems organizing trips, well this kind of things.

Well I will start by Thailand as told before, but honestly I don’t know where I will finish, neither when.

So for sure, it will be a big adventure with up and downs where you are free to follow and share with someone who will like too, and free to share with me advises, tips, places that I can meet along the way.

Everything is most of welcome!


IMG_5983Sigiriya Rock – On the Top (during my travel November last year to SriLanka)


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Hi I'm Sara, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm Portuguese, currently living in Qatar, working as Personal Trainer and exploring the countries around! Wonderlust and Photography lover looking for my life purpose! I will start travelling around Asia at the end of January, you are welcome to follow this journey! :)

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