Let’s start without start!


Hi Everyone! Or nobody 👋😬

Today is my first day writing here, to nobody see!

Just writing to remember the first day of the Travel in My Travels Blog! when probably I just did the first version of this blog, in thousands that I will gonna do after… hheeh … I know myself…🤭

Just to tell you (nobody) that I spent from 7am to 6pm seated, of course sometimes I got up, but anyway, trying, trying again, searching, googling, errors, I even don’t remember from the last time that I did so many mistakes on the same day…. 😂😂

I was thinking in post some photography about traveling, or some inspiring quote, because always looks nice and keep the audience (my huge one, ahahh) more engaged 🤫 but honestly I think the most interesting photography that I can post in this moment is the celebration and proof from my firsttttt blog appearance, a screenshot!

Happy Travels!

Welcome to my travels its a honor for be choosed by you.


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Hi I'm Sara, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm Portuguese, currently living in Qatar, working as Personal Trainer and exploring the countries around! Wonderlust and Photography lover looking for my life purpose! I will start travelling around Asia at the end of January, you are welcome to follow this journey! :)

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